March 28, 2022 Math WG Core Meeting Minutes

03/28/2022 MathML Core Meeting<>


  *   David Carlisle
  *   Sam Dooley
  *   David Farmer
  *   Deyan Ginev
  *   Murray Sargent
  *   Neil Soiffer
  *   Bert Bos
  *   Paul Libbrecht
  *   Bruce Miller
  *   Cary Supalo
  *   Steve Noble
  *   Louis Maher


  *   Patrick Ion
  *   Stephen Watt

        Agenda items, feel free to reply to suggest more<>.

New issues about implementation report: issue #119 :

The implementation report is linked in the spec.

BK: thinks the implementation report is useful, but it should not be linked to the spec.

ACTION: Review the test and implementation report.

resolved: BK will do this.

Brief progress updates/plans?

Minutes issues / agenda +

quick check in on stable and compact operator dictionary

The PR has been sent. It is ready to be merged.

Intent attribute #115 :

DC: intent and arg should be allowed in core.

NS: intent needs to be in the accessibility tree. core does not mention the accessibility tree. It is defined in the AAM

DC: We should allow these attributes, but they do not have any defined behavior.

DC: "href" is not in core, but it is implemented.

NS: has an implementation that uses intent.

NS: says that things not in core may be ignored by people supporting accessibility.

DG: the browser must expose things to the accessibility tree.

Is accessibility in the purview of the MathML spec?

NS: All specs must pay attention to accessibility and to internationalization.

BK: We should ask the ARIA group about this.

ACTION: NS will open an issue on intent in the ARIA area.

DC: Leave core as it is for now.

BK: How does DC's validator handle ARIA?

BK: If someone puts "arialabel" in MathML would DC's validator complain?

DC's validator will work on core and on a couple of things that are not in core.

NS: Are we going to write some text in core that tells how things not in core should be handled?

NS: EPub references MathML 3 and they are worried if we deprecate something in MathML 3.

Decide how to handle unknown MathML Elements

NS: As we move towards level two, new features will come in, what should the tests do about new things? Tests should not decide that new things are failures. Firefox may experiment with new things.

BK: Our tests should declare new things as unknown elements, and these unknowns would not be test failures.

DC: We do not want everyone to define their own subsets of the full spec.

DC: "mfence" was made illegal and caused DC some problems.

NS: Tests should see if implementations conform to core.

NS: should mfence be tested to be illegal?

DG: Yes.

OB: We have tentative tests as well as core test suites. The tentative suite may allow new things to exist.

BK: Anyone can add tentative tests. Not everyone has to agree with those tests.

DG: said that this issue was not a big problem in reality.

NS: Should we close this issue without doing anything?

BK: We have no specific advice for how to handle undefined attributes for now.

BM: When someone is writing tests they should have the future in mind.

ACTION: NS will copy this discussion into the issue and close the issue.

BK: ask people to review tests and see if there are any problematic tests.

BK: MathML-Core tests are in

BK: Some of BK's tests take too long to run.

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