Speaking volts for variables

Hello all,

A recent social media video that caught my attention had a demo of the
JAWS math viewer used on a Word document. The content was a polynomial
of a single variable, where the variable is named "v".

It seemed to be a nice motivating example for our "intent" work, also
since it is only 30 seconds. Video here:

You hear "v superscript 3" spoken "v cubed" and then "v superscript 2"
spoken "volt squared" and the single letter "v" spoken "volt". The "v
cubed" guess is correct, the other two are wrong.

This ties into a number of discussions we've had, including defaults,
subject areas and levels of education. High school physics can have
both polynomials and volts in the same exercise, so we're not yet in
"exotic" territory.


Received on Sunday, 17 October 2021 14:45:24 UTC