Minutes: MathML Intent Meeting 07 October 2021

Minutes_ MathML intent meeting 7 October

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07 October 2021

Bert, David_Farmer, davidc, Deyan, Louis2, murrays, NeilS, physikerwelt, polx, SteveNoble
Neil Soiffer

NS: Announcements/updates

BK: The collective will be announced at TPAC.

NS: Gap Analysis Doc
  a) discuss philosophical differences on names of intent -- borrow from content MathML so they are related to mathematical concepts or borrow from (English) wording

<NeilS> gap analysis is at https://w3c.github.io/mathml-docs/gap-analysis/

DC: Described how to make comments in the gap document.

NS: What naming system are we using for intent?

<bkardell_> https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/5yek69Js/

NS: Summarized the differences in naming proposals.

SD: He is showing how the intent attribute captures semantics.

DG: Thinks he and SD should settle this separately.

MOS: This level of detail may not be important for the Gap analysis.

BM: We do not wish to promote ambiguity.

DG: Two directions-- not to have an example or have two subsections showing the different approaches.
He wants high quality examples.

SD: Is concerned with natural language making its way into the intent grammar.

DF: This is a tricky topic. aprime is the name of a single variable. There should be some way to say aprime is a variable like 'a'. This is a new topic for us.

DF: We need to show that aprime is a variable and not "a" with some operation applied to it.

NS: The intent of aprime is that aprime is one symbol.

MUS: We should spend time defining defaults. We want documents,
not marked with intent, to be accessible.

CS: AT reads 'a' as 'ah' (the short 'a' sound) and not "A" (the long 'a' sound).

NS: This is mentioned elsewhere in the document as a problem.

MUS: Put a period following 'a' and the AT may say 'A' or '"A' period.

NS: This works sometimes and not in other cases.

NS: Did not see another math counts example that would show this case more clearly.

DC: Does not want to have two examples.

NS: This document is trying to show the alternative ways of making things accessible.
This is not a fully flushed-out proposal.

BM: There are many transformations in calculus and physics. Primes show up all the time.
It is difficult to know what prime is being used.

BM: Our system must be able to accommodate many things.

DG: Will put Sam as a reviewer of the PR.

NS: Wants the gap document released before our TPAC meeting.
It needs to be done by Tuesday of next week.

NS and Brian will work on the CSS document.

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