Intent and "bad" MathML

 David C's example of ways to write a double primed piece of math got me
thinking about how intent would work with that.

Our discussions so far have avoided discussing "bad" MathML. But we
probably need to have that discussion as "bad" MathML makes using intent
harder. For example, what's the intent markup for this MathML:
<math xmlns="">
This is not hypothetical -- this is the output from WIRIS's editor for
[image: image.png]
Something like this seems to require either:
1) rewriting the MathML by hand to merge the primes (WIRIS uses
apostrophes) and/or add mrows around x ' ' and y ' '
2) using a functional intent notation on the math and msqrt tags
3) giving the entire speech string on the math tag
4) more or less give up on hand remediation for MathML like this and insist
that a better MathML generator be used.

Whatever solution we come up with, we need to have an answer for what to do
about MathML like this.


Received on Saturday, 9 October 2021 03:58:34 UTC