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[MathML4] Multiple Formats for Presentation and Semantics

From: Adam Sobieski <adamsobieski@hotmail.com>
Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2019 09:44:46 +0000
To: "www-math@w3.org" <www-math@w3.org>, "public-mathml4@w3.org" <public-mathml4@w3.org>
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Math Working Group,
MathML Refresh Community Group,

I would like to present an idea for discussion for MathML4. The idea is based upon the approaches to mathematical semantics from MathML3. The idea is to include in MathML4 a means of providing multiple presentational formats.

  <annotation-xml encoding="application/xhtml+xml">...</annotation-xml>
  <annotation-xml encoding="application/svg+xml">...</annotation-xml>
  <annotation encoding="image/png" src="data:..." />
  <annotation-xml encoding="MathML-Presentation">...</annotation-xml>
  <annotation-xml encoding="application/openmath+xml">...</annotation-xml>
  <annotation-xml encoding="MathML-Content">...</annotation-xml>

With such mathematical markup, browsers could, in a manner similar to MathJax, provide users with configuration to indicate which formats to display when multiple presentational formats are available.

Topics to consider would include the clipboarding of mathematical elements and of hypertext containing mathematics.

Topics to consider would also include interoperation with MathJax. MathJax could populate the presentational options available in <presentation> elements. Interestingly, the document object model resulting from MathJax processing could resemble the document object model had multiple presentational formats been provided.

I look forward to discussing these and other ideas for MathML4.

Best regards,
Adam Sobieski
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