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Use of \catcode command for character letters ^ and _ in pmml-new.sty file restricts the normal use of these characters for superscripts and subscripts.

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Date: Tue, 7 Jul 2015 19:46:20 +0000 (UTC)
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At some places in my text document I am using Dr. Carlisle’s XSLT to convert MathML to LaTeX; whereas, at other places I am using standard ams-LaTeX.In MikTeX, the following properly displays “a squared” and “a sub 2”\documentclass{article}\begin{document}\[a^2\]\[a_2\]\end{document}But when including the \usepackage{pmml-new} in the preamble the above displays as simple text a^2 and a_2.If I remove the last two lines (shown at the end below) from the pmml-new.sty file the “^” and “_” work fine for superscripts and subscripts respectively. Moreover, msup and msub defined in the above file continue to work for superscript and subscript, as well. I would like to use both the LaTeX generated from MathML and the standard LaTeX in a same document. For example I would like to be able to use the following quadratic formula generated from MathML or a simple LaTeX  \(a^2\) on the same tex document:\(\let\par\emptyx={\frac{{-b\unicode{177}\sqrt{{\msup{{b}}{{{2}}}}-{4}ac}}}{{{2}a}}}\) Would removing the following last two lines from the pmml-new.sty file cause any other issues? If yes, are there any other changes we can make to the .sty file to make both ams-LaTeX and LaTeX generated by Dr. Carlisle’s files work together on a same document\catcode`\_=12\catcode`\^=12
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