Re: Educational Data and Mathematics

Math Working Group,

The combination of computer algebra system software with database server software can facilitate complex server-side processing, stored procedures and user-defined functions interoperating with computer algebra systems, and, concurrently to the processing and outputting of result data, can computationally analyze the identifiable aspects of data as that data is processed.

Data provenance information accompanying such analyses’ data through computational processes facilitates secondary computations ( such as calculating the identifiable and probabilistically identifiable aspects of output data.  Mathematical and logical server-side computing upon data, during computation, can provide the probabilistic identifiability of data, of individuals described in the deidentified data from multiple metadata-described tables and sources of data.  See also: personally identifiable data (, deidentification ( and reidentification (  In addition to aligned or dependent data columns across tables, correlations across or between datasets can pertain to probabilistic reidentification.

Specific database queries, either generated from teachers' and administrators’ software tools or by hand by teams of researchers, can be measured in terms of data privacy, as aforementioned, including before processing, a feature of considerable use to database administrators and policymakers, e.g. in establishing policy utilizing the outputs of such mathematical and logical heuristics.

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Received on Thursday, 29 May 2014 21:05:46 UTC