LaTeXML 0.8.0 released!

It is with great relief that I announce
the slightly belated availability of
    LaTeXML 0.8.0,
a LaTeX to XML/HTML/MathML converter.


Release Highlights:
  * Generates HTML5, ePub
  * customizable via LaTeX bindings, CSS,
    Javascript. LaTeXML plugins
  * better fidelity, wider coverage of styles
  * converts tikz/pgf to SVG (often)
  * Too many features to list
    and 0.7.0 was too long ago to remember!

Currently available from CPAN,
rpm's & source from the above site,
and from GitHub.

Debian and MacPorts ports are expected soon.

Thanks to many of you, but particular thanks to
Deyan Ginev for helping get us here!


Received on Thursday, 8 May 2014 19:40:55 UTC