RE: Questions about Elementary Math

My real concern is the interoperability between MathML and LaTeX. More
precisely, whether MathML elementary can be converted to LaTeX and vice
versa because it seems that both formats need to coexist.


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Daniel Marques <> writes:

> A little bit out of topic, but just wandering whether exists a proper
> LaTeX package to render 'elementary math'.

There are at least two issues I see.

First, the layout of a pedagogical presentation such as, for example, the
division algorithm for positive integers, varies somewhat from locale to

Second, there is the question of whether one wants "dynamic
interpretation", i.e., use of an engine for working out the displayed
content -- along the lines of David Carlisle's \longdiv{}{} previously
mentioned in this thread.  If not, then one would be asking for commands
to assist with rendering the computational steps when the author supplies
the data.  The latter method poses a risk that the entered data may not be
entirely consistent.

                                    -- Bill

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