Re: Questions about Elementary Math

On 25/06/2014 16:17, Daniel Marques wrote:
> A little bit out of topic, but just wandering whether exists a proper 
> LaTeX package to render “elementary math”.
> Dani

Not as much as I'd like but you can use mml3mml2.xsl followed by 
pmml2tex.xsl to get some tex
that is mostly OK.

But I just realised that perhaps you didn't mean using tex to render 
mathml syntax but
rather a natural latex input syntax, not directly there is a package for 
polynomial long division
and probably should make something that more closely models the mathml 

There is a demo of taking something like \longdiv{1123}{55} and doing 
the steps in javascript and
generating with mlongdiv or an equivalent "expanded" mtable for mathjax 
to render,
it wouldn't be that hard to do the same in latex.


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