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Re: Update to unicode.xml

From: Patrick Ion <ion@ams.org>
Date: Thu, 03 Jul 2014 08:49:46 -0400
Message-ID: <53B5516A.1090606@ams.org>
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On 7/2/14 11:38 AM, David Carlisle wrote:
> On 02/07/2014 16:22, Frédéric WANG wrote:
>> As I recall, the last time I checked unicode.xml, there were several
>> sets with different mappings (AMS, IIEE etc) and some of them clearly
>> had mistakes, so that was a bit messy.
> Yes but (unless I broke them) the "publisher" entries in the file are
> historical data relating to publishers internal character tables as
> input data to forming
> the stix submission to unicode so I'm not sure I can change them now
> (but on the other hand they are not really that useful to anyone apart
> from historians:-)
It's a fine contribution to get labelled definite mappings into
unicode.xml, and of course to check them.  We must
all be very grateful for your doing that.
>> Personally, I don't mind dropping the old TeX mappings as long as a
>> clear list of TeX mapping for math char commands is provided, on
>> which one can rely on.
> Yes I think I'm going to drop the "nameless" <latex> entries and  try
> to maintain entries like the new  ones that specifically reference a
> latex package such as
> unicode-math so that if you load that package (or say you are
> emulating that package) the names should work (even if one can argue
> about the actual names)
I would urge you to change the "nameless" <latex> entries to a
'set="latex-historical">' at least so as not to lose the record of
where people may have got their authoritative info.  That seems
to me no particular overhead and may clarify bugs reported later.
Those only concerned to be up-to-date can ignore that info
as they will all sorts of other material.  Presumably names can
be reported as occurring in several sets (packages).

All the best,

> David

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