Re: movablelimits attribute on munderover/munder/mover?

Le 06/01/2014 13:09, David Carlisle a écrit :
> unicode.xml already has entries for lim/max/min they just don't have 
> operator dictionary fields, they could be added if the working group 
> agrees....

Here are the commands in itex2MML that are "MI" (normal mi) and "MIB" 
(mi with 'movablelimits'):

There is a potential issue that the <mi> / <mo> use will be inconsistent 
and that many new operators will be necessary (or the generators would 
have to set the lspace/rspace explicitly).

I think MathJax used to generate <mo> for "sin", "cos" etc but this was 
changed to an <mi> when an explicit "Apply Function" was added:


(Having <mo>sin</mo><mo>&#x2061;</mo><mi>x</mi> won't make much sense...)

So the question is really if "max" is a function like \sin or a prefix 
operator like \sum...

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