Re: movablelimits attribute on munderover/munder/mover?

Le 06/01/2014 13:09, David Carlisle a écrit :
> There could be more clarity on whether multi-letter identifiers use mi 
> or mo, but I think they can use mo and in particular I think we should 
> keep the rule that only mo triggers a lookup of the operator dictionary.
Thank you for your reply.  Note that the proposal (if <mi> must used) is 
to put a movablelimits attribute on the munderover/munder/mover element 
not the <mi> so this won't trigger a lookup of the operator dictionary. 
This is similar to the existing accent/accentover attributes on 
munderover/munder/mover that override the value on the <mo>.

Frédéric Wang
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