Re: Make testsuite usable for non browser applications

>> The XHTML files have proper namespaces: e.g.:
>> or
> Those will fail in Apache OpenOffice because of the wrong root element.

Is XHTML wrong inside OpenOffice? Maybe for some tests...

>> The .mml file has been prepared for inclusion in bigger pipelines, some
> of which are not namespace aware (in particular, anything to do with
> HTML5 tends to consider namespaces rather impolite).[…]

Thanks for David to point this out. It had escaped me that you were referring to the MathML2 test suite.
The mml files on the MathML3 test-suites are indeed cleanly NS-ed.

> Yes. The png-files would be nice too. The svg-testsuite has in its offline version a folder with the .svg-graphics, a folder with the .png images (with same file names as svg) and a folder with an .html environment. Something similar would be good.

They are are all there, just change the file name.

> But there is no need for a MathML2 version, if a MathML3 version could be made.

All my pointers were about the MathML3 version.

So… is all you need an archive of the files?
Just ask what kind of archive you need and I'll create it for you.
I assume you want an archive with the .mml and the .png files. Is that right? Are the xhtml files with the comments not useful too for a human to validate?

Unfortunately, the way we publish on the web at the WG makes it a bit bad-style to put several archives on the web-site on a regular basis. Thus, I'd bake the archive your request and make it available on my personal site.

thanks in advance.


Received on Friday, 26 December 2014 22:48:13 UTC