Re: xml phaser

On 08/05/2013 10:42, ben (張駿斌) wrote:
> Hi David,
> We had some trouble using the excellent lxml to validate our xml, it was
> all ok and then suddenly yesterday it gave me errors on all the xmls
> which was previously ok. Try to find information online, with no luck.
> Attached an xml
> And error message, this error happens on all the good xml that was ok
> yesterday,
> XMLSchemaParseError: complex type 'dirBaseElement': The content model is
> not determinist., line 51
> It might be that we did a yam update to all the packages made lxml not
> working anymore. But we are not sure where package generated the problem
> since we updated all. We use centos 5.9.
> Thank you so much for helping us!
> Ben

Did you perhaps send this to the wrong list?

This list is for MathML, and I don't think your XML or the Schema type 
mentioned in the error message are related to MathML?


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