Re: Stretchy equal sign for commutative diagrams

On 25/03/2013 09:25, Frédéric WANG wrote:
> Thank you David and Daniel. My question was not really about how to
> implement the stretching but about the markup. The choice <mo
> stretch="true">=</mo> seems the most natural (and preserves the
> semantics of the diagram). It is used by LaTeXML and the MathJax
> extension. Since I don't see constructions for stretchy equal sign in
> Gecko or the STIX Open Type Math table, I wanted to be sure that
> everybody agree about that choice, and font designers and MathML
> implementers do the necessary to make the equal sign extendible.

Yes I was just musing really. I think using = is going to be the most
natural markup however it's implemented. Using a different character
would possibly have the advantage that you could make it stretchy by
default, but that would be offset by the fact that = is so much easier
to enter, and, as you say, probably fits with the semantic of the
diagram as well.


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