Errors in XML Entity Definitions for Characters

Hi all,

Just a quick feedback on the unicode.xml file provided in the "XML 
Entity Definitions for Characters" spec:

- Some characters have mathclass="R?" (with a question mark)... I guess 
that's because the mathclass is not clear, but it is unexpected for 
someone who wants to process the file automatically...

- Some Arabic Letters (U+0627-U+063A and Arabic mathematical alphabetic 
symbol) should probably have mathclass="A" since they are used as 
mathematical variables.

- Some LaTeX commands map to different Unicode code points. For example 
\mathsfbf{\Alpha} maps to both the capital and small (bold sans-serif) 
alpha, which is clearly wrong (one should be \mathsfbf{\alpha}). See the 
attached diff files for details. They were generated using the attached 
XSLT stylesheet and the Unix command  "xsltproc extract.xsl unicode.xml 
| sort --key=2,2 > commands1.txt; cat commands1.txt | uniq 
--skip-chars=7 > commands2.txt ; diff -U8 commands1.txt commands2.txt > 

Frédéric Wang
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Received on Sunday, 29 December 2013 12:06:21 UTC