MathML article by Peter Krautzberger

Peter K., MathJax team leader, has written a great article explaining the importance and current state of MathML, at <>. (The article talks about MathJax some also, but mostly MathML.) I encourage you all to share it with friends and colleagues. For instance, on my facebook and google+ pages, I posted the following:

I highly recommend the page below. It's the best article about math on the web that I've seen. If you are interested at all in whether the web should be just devoted to social networks, ads, and porn, or could also be more about interactive education, science & technology, and advancing the human condition, then please read or skim this.

Peter is a friend of mine and a great and brilliant guy. I am the anonymous volunteer he mentions that tried to implement MathML in Chrome. Thanks for your time reading this.

Received on Saturday, 17 August 2013 17:16:50 UTC