Re: "Presentation of empty mi element"

On 15/04/2013 12:50, raghunandana wrote:
> <mi>T</mi> <mi></mi> <mi>e</mi>
> With the above content, firefox leaves space between elements, "T
> e", however mathjax renders it as "Te", with no space between them.
> Specification does not say anything on how to display the content
> when empty mi is present.
> Specification allows for empty mi element to be present,
> "An|mi|element with no content is allowed;|<mi></mi>|might, for
> example, be used by an "expression editor" to represent a location
> in a MathML expression which requires a "term" (according to
> conventional syntax for mathematics) but does not yet contain one."

Hmm my expectation would be that the default presentation puts no space
between adjacent mi and so an empty mi is essentially invisible.

The passage you quote could be read as suggesting a visible rendering,
but I don't think that was the intent for a normal display view, just an
observation that if you edit in some 2d editor view and don't fill in
some of the boxes you may get an empty mi as a (legal) encoding of that.

This is a personal comment, we should probably look at this as a working 
group: If implementations are differing here we should perhaps add some 
advice one way or the other....

Thanks for your report,


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