Firefox 20 MathML Release Notes

Dear all,

I'm glad to announce that Firefox 20 is now available. Below are some 
notes for the release, aurora and beta channels (and for Firefox 19).

* Firefox 19
   - A bug regarding highlighting of selected <mo> operators has been fixed.

* Firefox 20 (see also
   - Some error/warning messages for invalid/deprecated MathML elements 
or attributes are now reported to the console (thanks to Raymond Wells!)
   - Parsing of some length attributes has been improved (thanks to 
James Kitchener!). cf for example the previous discussion about unitless 
attributes we had on this mailing list.
   - A bug regarding width of <mspace>/<mpadded> in tables, that caused 
some MathML content to overflow, has been fixed.

* Firefox 21
   - Not really a Firefox bug, but a volunteer named Sunny fixed a 
MathML test in Javascript from Mozilla's source 
(layout/mathml/tests/stretchy-and-large-operators.html). This test is 
generated from the operator dictionary and allows to verify 
large/stretchy operators. That may be useful for other browser 
implementations like Webkit's one.

* Firefox 22
   - Some mmultiscripts constructions were incorrectly reported to be 
invalid and this is now fixed (thanks to Mohit Gahlot!)

As usual, the detailed list of bug entries can be found at

By the way, Mozilla recently turned 15 years old (the Mozilla MathML 
project is only one year "younger") so I'd like to take the opportunity 
of this mail to wish Mozilla a happy birthday!

Frédéric Wang

Received on Wednesday, 3 April 2013 10:23:06 UTC