Section - type attribute on nary-set.class members

Section includes the following text:

'The above rule applies to all symbols in the listed classes. In the 
case of *nary-set.class* the choice of Content Dictionary to use depends 
on the |type| attribute on the symbol, defaulting to set1 
<>, but multiset1 
<> should be used if 

However, according to Appendix A...

*nary-set.class*  =union  <>  |intersect  <>  |cartesianproduct  <>
*union*  =*element*  |union|  {CommonAtt  <>,DefEncAtt  <>, empty}
*intersect*  =*element*  |intersect|  {CommonAtt  <>,DefEncAtt  <>, empty}
*cartesianproduct*  =*element*  |cartesianproduct|  {CommonAtt  <>,DefEncAtt  <>, empty}
*DefEncAtt*  =*attribute*  |encoding|  {xsd:string}?,
             *attribute*  |definitionURL|  {xsd:anyURI}?
*CommonAtt*  =*attribute*  |id|  {xsd:ID}?,
             *attribute*  |xref|  {text}?,
             *attribute*  |class|  {xsd:NMTOKENS}?,
             *attribute*  |style|  {xsd:string}?,
             *attribute*  |href|  {xsd:anyURI}?,
             CommonDeprecatedAtt  <>,
             NonMathMLAtt  <>*
*CommonDeprecatedAtt*  =*attribute*  |other|  {text}?
*NonMathMLAtt*  =*attribute*  |(* - (local:*|m:*)|) {xsd:string}

... it is not legal for any member of nary-set.class to have a type="multiset" attribute.

It therefore is pointless and confusing to include the text about what to do if the type="multiset" is present, if it is never legal for it to be present.

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