Unitless maxsize and minsize in mo

Another message on unitless attribute values.

Again the description in chapter 2:

"The default value, or how it is obtained, is listed in the table of 
attributes for each element. (See also Section Default values of 
attributes.) A number without a unit is intepreted as a multiple of the 
default value. This form is primarily for backward compatibility and 
should be avoided, prefering explicit units for clarity. "

does not seem to apply to maxsize/minsize whose default values are 

"These two attributes are given as multipliers of the operator's normal 
size in the direction or directions of stretching, or as absolute sizes 
using units"

BTW, the default value of minsize was "1" in MathML2. "1em" refersto the 
current font size, which I think is not necessarly the unstretched size 
of the operator.

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