Can't get this to work



I'm losing my mind.  I've been trying to get the attached code to work
on my IE8 & IE99 but it won't.    I do have copies of mathml.xsl,
mathmlc2p.xsl and pmathmlcss.xsl in my folder.  What's wrong?


I have managed to get MATHML to display with MathMaker on my IE9 but
what I need to do is then run the conversion routine to generate a PDF
and apparently MathMaker rendering is not recognized in PDF, so it comes
out as gibberish. MathML renders fine on Mozilla Firefox but the PDF
conversion routines won't run on a local html file (beats me why).   So
having XLST do the work seems best.  I am able to view "simple
Presentation MathML example", so it should work.  


Please help.....


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Received on Monday, 10 October 2011 21:24:43 UTC