Re: MathML in safari

I worked on the MathML implementation in WebKit last year (with Alex Milowski).
Unfortunately, I don't have free time now to continue and the implementation is far from mature.

Technically, it could be activated in Chrome, but to my understanding Google folks didn't want to activate it for security and stability reason, as the implantation is quite young and unpolished. And they didn't want to spent time to test it thoroughly.
Apple folks did some testing, but I don't now to which amount.

But finally, it is activated in Safari! :-)


Le 21 juil. 2011 à 18:03, William F Hammond a écrit :

> David Carlisle <> writes:
>> Since it's not every day a mainline browser announces
>> MathML support in a production release rather than in
>> nightly or beta test releases, I thought I'd mention
>> Safari 5.1
> I believe both Safari and Google Chrome are based on webkit,
> and this step means that webkit support for MathML is now in
> a production version of Safari.
> What about Google Chrome?  I've not seen it in their beta.
> I can't come up with anything about it by googling for it.
> Does anyone know?
>                                    -- Bill

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