Re: Downloading MathML

On 28/09/2010 20:21, Ebony Labrew wrote:
> Hi,
> I'd like to began using the MathML application so that my visually
> impaired student can have access to his online math curriculum. Do I
> have to pay for this? How do I download or install this application? The
> student had success with the test page. How do we begin using this
> application?
> Ebony LaBrew

MathML isn't an application, it is a language (like HTML) and there are 
both free and commercial applications that can process it (just as you 
have a choice of web browsers for reading html web pages).

If your student is using Windows/Internet Explorer, I suggest that you 
start with the free (no charge, not open source) mathplayer plugin
available here

That has a right mouse menu option to read any mathml expression, but it 
can also integrate with screen readers etc (again it depends what 
software your student is using to read text)

has some more information.

If you have mathplayer specific questions probably best to ask them on 
design science's lists but don't hesitate to ask any more mathml 
questions here once you get started.

the above is all about reading a web page with mathml in.
Perhaps your question is more about how to produce such a page?
that depends on what format your current online material is in (LaTeX, 
MSWord, ...? there are a multitude of converters and editors available, 
it all depends where you are starting from....)


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