Re: correct DOCTYPES to use on MathML 3.0 documents

On 22/09/2010 22:57, William F Hammond wrote:

> Given that big search engines still ignore application/xhtml+xml
> content, I expect that many math content providers will soon be
> switching to the text/html serialization of html5 with math.

yes NAG's contemplating that as well

posted a few minutes ago...
> Some of the html5 folk seem to have strong aversions to (1) dtds and
> (2) sgml.  They've gone out of their way to proclaim that the
> text/html serialization of html5 "is not sgml".  At the very least, it
> seems clear to me that, with a suitable sgml declaration,

Yes I got as far as cooking up an SGML declaration that allowed 
<!doctype html>
I hope to get back to that one day...


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