Some MathML entities seem to have stopped working with new version of MathPlayer

With the older version of MathPlayer, the three symbols given at the end of following examples used to work. But they are not working anymore with the latest version MathPlayer 2.1d.
I am using IE 6.0 Service Pack 3. Please copy and past the following code in a HTML file and test to understand my question.
////////////////////////Begin: HTML File////////////////////////////////////////
<html XMLNS:m="">
   <link rel="shortcut icon" href="favicon.ico">
   <OBJECT ID=behave1 CLASSID="clsid:32F66A20-7614-11D4-BD11-00104BD3F987"></OBJECT>
<p>Following works:</p>
<p>Following works:</p>
<p>Following works:</p>
<p>Down Right Vector. Works:</p>
<p>Right Vector. Does NOT work:</p>
<p>Naturals: Set of Natural Numbers. Does NOT work:</p>
<p>Reals: Set of Real Numbers. Does NOT work:</p>
////////////////////////End: HTML File////////////////////////////////////////
Any help would be appreciated,


Received on Monday, 30 March 2009 05:35:47 UTC