Re: menclose: several values in the "notation" attribute

> You are correct that MathPlayer does it wrong in this case.  It is 
> only looking at the width and height and drawing an ellipse based on 
> those, when it really should consider the diagonals of the rectangle.  
> I modified your example to be proper xhtml+mathml and attached it so 
> you and others can look at it in MathPlayer (a clever ploy to force 
> people to download mathplayer ;-).
    I'm not sure forgetting to add in CC is really 
efficient ;-) Unfortunately I'm not likely to be able to play with 
MathPlayer: I believe it works only with IE (?) and I don't have this 
browser installed on my laptop.
> FYI:  you should include a DTD or at least a namespace declaration on 
> the html element to trigger MathPlayer's mime filter (otherwise, IE 
> will treated it as xhtml and not display it).  Also, using .xhtml or 
> .xht is much prefered to .xml -- the later is too generic and some 
> versions of MS Office register .xml for themselves.
>     Neil
    Yes, I produced this file with Amaya and forgot to do "Tools->Add a 
doctype". I use .xml because I do think it is generic enough and 
consequently I believe most browsers will parse the file as XML (it 
works with Firefox, Opera and people tell me it works with 
IE+MathPlayer). But I didn't suspect the behaviour of MS Office... So, 
next time I'll use .xhtml. Thanks for the hint.
F. Wang

Received on Wednesday, 21 January 2009 20:52:20 UTC