Re: menclose: several values in the "notation" attribute

Neil Soiffer writes:

> The current draft spec ...

Is the editor's draft publicly available?

> ... says:
> "Any number of values can be given for notation separated by whitespace; all
> of those given and understood by a MathML renderer should be rendered. Each
> should be rendered as if the others were not present; they should not nest
> one inside of the other. For example, notation="circle box" should result in
> circle and a box around the contents of menclose; the circle and box may
> overlap. This is shown in the first example below."

"Each should be rendered as if the others were not present" I
think addresses my question, thank you.

I think it clearly implies that the position and size of each
notation relative to child elements depend only on the child
elements (not on other notations).

I assume that implementations are permitted to position and size
the menclose (as a whole), thus positioning all the notations,
relative to the menclose's sibling and ancestor elements, in a
manner that depends on (the maximum extents of) the particular set
of notations.  But I don't think a reader would be likely to infer
otherwise from the text above.

Received on Wednesday, 21 January 2009 02:31:55 UTC