Re: Where do the "default renderings" in spec chapter 4 come from?

> Where do these default renderings come from?

For MathML 2 (and 1) the default renderings are shown as images, these
images are made as part of the document build process from TeX fragmants
that are supplied as part of the XML source markup for chapter 4.

So the answer to the question in the case of mathml2 is that the choice
of notation is at the editorial discretion of whoever was editing the
file at the time, in consultation with the working group members (at
that time).

The answer to questions like

>  Why did you choose (0,1) for an open interval instead of ]0,1[?

Usually end up being that: the notation given is probably, in the mind of a
probable editor, the most commonly used notation in the country in which
the probable editor was probably educated. 

Which is why the spec has alwys been explict that these are essentially
only suggested defaults and that a system may (and systems do) use

In the MathML3 drafts the situation is a bit different.

The default renderings are given as both presentation mathml and as an
image. There is a possibility of "manual override" but currently that is
not used, and the presentation mathml is automatically generated from
the content mathml example, and and the TeX used to generate the image
is automatically generated from the presentation mathml.

These use (a slightly updated) version of

for the Content MathML to Presentation MathML step, and

for the presentation mathml to TeX step.

A large number of the default renderings in the  current public draft
are unfortunately missing or broken, but there's been a lot of work on
that since the new year and hopefully the next draft will be a lot

So for MathML3 most (currently all) choice of notation is made by the
ctop XSL stylesheet. That by design tries to use the same notations as
suggested by the MathML2 spec as far as possible, where there are any
choices of notation to be made.

Hope that helps (a bit:-)


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