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CfP MathUI 09

From: Paul Libbrecht <paul@activemath.org>
Date: Thu, 19 Feb 2009 00:29:09 +0100
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                    Call for Papers: MathUI'09
              Mathematical User Interfaces Workshop 2009
       at the MKM conference, July 6th, Grand Bend Ontario Canada


   The 5th mathematical user-interfaces workshop is a forum to discuss,
   demo, present, brainstorm, and review all the math-specific facets of

   It happens in the form of a peer-reviewed workshop with presentations
   and discussion, followed by an expo-like demo-session.

   Programs for computerized mathematics are evolving rapidly and are
   being used by a wider audience than ever before. Researchers are
   aiming to provide well-designed and widely-applicable user interfaces
   for this diverse audience. Among the questions lies the hypothesis
   that unified mathematical language is used with all systems. Can we
   achieve this?

   This workshop provides a forum for the discussion of computer
   representations of mathematics, and how gestures, writing, speech, or
   other novel techniques can be used to improve mathematical user

   Topics include:
   - presentations on manipulation of mathematical knowledge
   - workflow studies based on mathematical applications
   - user studies on the effectiveness of interfaces
   - interactive teaching and testing
   - novel, original or downright funky interfaces to mathematics software
   - interactive mathematics generally


   We are seeking submissions of either papers on and/or demonstrations
   of user interfaces for mathematics. Videos, prototypes, mock ups and
   any other sort of demonstration are welcome!
   Proceedings will be online.

   Submission format: article of 3-8 (printed) pages, in PDF format only,
   which may include other electronic presentations such as videos or
   animations complemented by an abstract of less than 150 words.

   Important Dates:

   - Either submit your abstract on until May 1st 2009 and a paper on
May 15th.
     or submit an paper on May 8th 2009
   - Be prepared for a rebuttal phase from May 25th till 30th
   - Expect an answer on June 2nd 2009
   - Enjoy the workshop on July 6th 2009
   All submissions are done on MathUI's easychair.


   The workshop will be reviewed by the following persons:
   - David Aspinall,  Edinburgh, Scotland
   - Paul Cairns, York, Great Britain
   - Olga Caprotti, Helsinki, Finland
   - Richard Fateman, Berkeley, USA
   - Anthony Jameson, Saarbruecken, Germany
   - Paul Libbrecht (organizer), Saarbruecken, Germany
   - Robert Miner, Minneapolis, USA
   - Elena Smirnova, London, Canada

Further information, please contact Paul Libbrecht, paul@activemath.org.
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