[Entities-last-call] - htmlmath entities collection

This is a last call comment for the public record, noting an addition
made to the editor's draft of the XML Entity Definitions for Characters
specification. The change has already been made to the Editors' draft so
will be assumed resolved, however if anyone would like to comment on
this addition, please do reply to this message (on www-math list).


The entities last call draft 


includes a combined entity file w3centities-f that defines all the
entities defined in the specification.

As noted in a thread a while ago on the public-html list


for some uses it would be more useful to have a combined entity set just
including those sets used in mathml and html and omitting the other ISO
entity sets that are not typically used in a web context. This would
correspond closely with an updated version of the entity file that
firefox uses for mathml documents for example.

In the Editors' draft


I've now added two files htmlmathml.ent (which references each of the
entity sets used by mathml or html) and htmlmathml-f.ent which directly
contains each definition, sorted into alphabetic order, with duplicates


there are no changes to any of the defined entity definitions resulting
from this addition.


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