serving XHTML+MathML

Dear all,

Because the issues are complex and (I think) difficult,
and because I thought it would be a service to the
community, I have written a paper about how to upload
and serve XHTML+MathML documents on the web.  The paper
focuses on mime-types and content negotiation particularly,
and I am particularly interested in helping authors who
do not have special control or privileges over their
web-server.  It does not discuss authoring tools, nor
what is (and how to write) XHTML+MathML.  There are
plenty of omissions, mainly because I haven't tested
everything yet.  Most of these are flagged up.

The paper's quite long (sorry). It can be found via
(This is the best page to bookmark or link from your
documents, as I can include addenda here later on.)
I'd be grateful for any comments or suggestions.
If you like it, I aim to keep it at this location for
the foreseeable future.  If you don't like it I can
amend it or might even remove it.

Best wishes


Received on Friday, 26 January 2007 12:03:12 UTC