Re: italic dotless letters


>  Just that MathML2 shouldn't be fixed without a new version number and
> the changes clearly documented.

Agreed. actually I wasn't planning on changing the mathml2 dtd at all

(I say "I" as I really mean me here, I'm giving personal opinions
although obviously it's a working group decision in the end but it seems
there's more good than harm in airing the possibilities in public, even
in advance of any WG discussion on the topic...

So I wouldn't expect that the eventual publication of mathml3 would
affect the dtd at
at all. For similar reeasons, although I hope to update the ISO entity
drafts currently at (eg)
I don't propose to change that DTD file at all but just have a newer
draft somewhere else, like
or whatever URI makes sense.

> No I don't think it is urgent. Especially if the list of names
> remains the same. I was more concerned that the new MathML3 specs
> should make the status and revisions policy (and their consequences)
> quite clear, and if at all possible indicate the definitive data that
> application developers can use.

I'll try to generate some text, feel free to comment on this once it's


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