RE: MathML-in-HTML5

> when enough things have been added to html, there will be conflicts.
> Namespaces seem like the only way to avoid those conflicts, and there needs to 
> be some way of representing those namespaces.

True, but you miss two points. Some people think that they are the only ones who are authorized to make normative statements regarding handling of text/html so there are no conflicts by definition. And  concept of namespaces is unlikely to be embraced by those who are used to operate in foreign namespace. One either has to say that namespaces are wrong concept or use his/her own namespace and avoid namespace hijacking and similar practices incompatible with notion of namespace.

Introducing namespaces in HTML may make it extensible, but it does not prevent MathML from being splitted into two markup languages parsed in two incompatible ways, so it does not solve the problem.

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Received on Monday, 9 October 2006 08:04:16 UTC