RE: MathML-in-HTML5

> Will be Mozilla interested in CSS rendering of math? Now, it sounds "no".

Should be interested in a long term perspective, but maybe not at the moment.
YesLogic and Safari (and Opera obviously) should have more motivation at this stage.

> Even if a good MathML 3 CSS module is presented by the WG, how many
> years would we wait for benefit? 

Probably one year for the first stage when it will be possible to use MathML in XML/CSS framework.
But it will definitely take much longer to get to the second stage when we will get real CSS3 Math that fully adresses our needs.

> Unfortunately, we need solutions for
> yesterday.

Yep, we are late. But we had two options to start the process today or continue to postpone work on MathML/CSS integration issues until better times. We started it and decided to take step by step approach on both MathML and CSS sides. On the other hand only today CSS support in browsers starts to approach the level that we need, so several years ago it would be difficult to come with a working solution and convince people that it is worth to put efforts in.

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Received on Thursday, 5 October 2006 14:33:25 UTC