RE: MathML-in-HTML5

> Visitors can read mathematical formulae
> without plugins, special fonts or without a Mozilla browser thanks to CSS
> techniques. I think that scientific and educative material would be
> accesible to anyone and I am really tired of “you need IE+plugin or
> FF+fonts for seeing this site”.

There a plans to add some CSS extensions, and ensure that other markup languages that at the moment do not fit well in the scope of approach will work in XML+CSS framework, in particular special MathML profile that admits default style sheet will be designed, certain subset of ECMA OMML will fit in the scope too and of course different microformats that if desired may be HTML based can be handled in the same manner. This will bring real extensibility to MathML and minimize its dependence on ad hoc support, as once it will be able to benefit from capabilities of CSS rendering engines (a lot of things exist canonically in XML+CSS framework and cost nothing to math community) then small share of math community will not be the obstackle that discourages implementations. The time when all functionality was predefined by support or lack of such for some HTML elements is gone, real extensibility and proper integration with extensible environment are on agenda, not the tag soup handling games that bring no real functionality and just dissipate and waste resources.

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Received on Thursday, 5 October 2006 09:48:46 UTC