Re: Technical reasons for some options taken on design of MathML

Bruce Miller wrote:


> The point is that content mathml deals with what you might call
> the parse tree, and having the operator in a standard position (the first),
> makes life _vastly_ simpler.  XML just happens to be a handy way
> to encode trees.

Just let me add two annotations.

Prefix notations make life _vastly_ simpler for computers but _vastly_
difficult for authors.

XML is a handy (but far from optimized) way to encode certain subclass of
trees: hierarchical ones. The codification of non-hierarchical trees via
XML is so nightmare that people (including first-class citizens from the
w3c XML world) have developed alternatives to XML which are being used for
solving practical problems: e.g. in the humanities field.

I myself am a find serious problem to codify certain quantum chemical
trees via XML. I am working in an alternative.

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Juan R.


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