Re: Mathematical selection

Hello Paul,

On 27/mar/06, at 16:19, Paul Libbrecht wrote:
> I am unclear about a clean definition of mathematical selection.  
> The best I could find thus far would be to select "sub-terms" only  
> which, I believe, correspond to subtrees in a MathML-content or  
> OpenMath matching tree. Comments welcome there.

of course one can make his life more complicated. Just think of a  
matrix. There are basically three ways of encoding it in a content- 
oriented markup: row-major, column-major, or flat encodings.

Whichever encoding you choose, there are always "sub-terms" such as a  
row, a column, etc. that make sense mathematically and yet that don't  
correspond to a subterm of the markup.

> A level 2 approach would be to work with parallel markup and  
> enlarge any text selection to the presentation match of the  
> smallest content-sub-tree containing the content-match of the  
> smallest presentation sub-tree containing the selected text (!).

if you can rely on the assumption that the structure of presentation  
markup is always a refinment of content markup, then annotating  
presentation markup with attributes is sufficient without using  
parallel markup (of course the attributes should mean something, and  
this is usually application specific).


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