A couple of questions on presentation mathml

Hi folks,

I've been going through the p-MathML (2.0) specs again
and have a couple of small questions.

1. On first reading, the spec for 
mlabeledtr (MathML2.0) seems to say that
the first content item need not be mtd, but in all 
the examples it is an mtd and I think from looking at 
the DTD that they really should be. 


In particular I was looking at the phrase "all of the children except 
the first must be mtd elements".  This is I suppose correct 
but I think misleading if in fact all children including 
the first must be mtd's.   What is the correct status of this point?

2.  Why can't an mglyph be an image (given via a URL)
rather than just a point in some font?
<mglyph href="http://.../myglyph.png"/> or something.

I appreciate the need to signal that the image is used
as a glyph, but:
  - the document author does not have any control over the
  fonts installed on the renderer's machine, whereas
  he can provide a suitable image
  - it seems to me that it could be that an image at a 
  fixed URL may be more persistant than the particular 
  glyph at this point in a font. (Suppose 
  a new font with the same name was installed as a 
  replacement, and the characters are all different...)

Don't worry... I don't plan to fill the web with inscrutable
glyphs, but I don't think I know how to use 
the mglyph feature *at all*, as it currently stands!



Received on Sunday, 26 March 2006 23:23:29 UTC