Re: Times operator entity?

Michael Zedeler said:
> Hi MathML people.
> I am looking for a big times operator entity - the direct product of an
> expression. It should look like a big cross, and have the same size and
> work similar to sum (sigma) and product (pi). I found the entity
> ×, but this symbol is intended to be used with single elements only.
> Another, more general question: does anyone know if there is a nice,
> searchable database with MathML entities? I am tired of browsing the
> tables attached to the specification.
> Any takers?
> Regards,
> Michael.

I do not remember similar entity except the CIRCLED TIMES operator, which
is introduced as either ⊗ or ⊗

If that does not work for you, you could fix a big size of an ordinary
times via style and next to use mrows for structure.

Example for structure

<mrow>Firsts elements</mrow>
<mrow>Rest of your elements</mrow>

I prepared a XML document with more than 2300 MathML 2.0 entities in the
form of table with Unicode, name, ***gliph***, basic entity and
alternative entities. Each one in a different color for easing visual

It is searchable via "search" command on your browser.

I prepared it for use on the CanonMath language but if MathML WG agrees I
could submit it for was stored in some part of the W3C website for benefit
of users.

Juan R.


Received on Thursday, 23 March 2006 15:59:05 UTC