RE: Whitespace handling following inline math

Hi Robert,

Thanks for the alternate strategy. That might be the way to go.

We're starting off with a small test project, and if all goes well, might scale up considerably. Because of that, I'm looking for a solution with the fewest side effects.

Fortunately, the XHTML+MathML will be generated, so stripping out whitespace between MathML elements, or inserting nbsp after the inline math is not too hard.

Unfortunately, some of the STM articles I'll be working with are rather long (15-20 pp. in print) and have a lot of inline math, so I'm not too keen on having nbsp all over.


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>Hi Mike,
>I think you are also safe if you strip out all the whitespace between
>MathML elements.  We do this with some of our own XSL stylesheets, and
>it also seems to work around the problem without running the risk of
>nbsp's causing some unexpected side effects.
>I also sadly note that although we have reported this "feature" of
>Internet Explorer to Microsoft through multiple channels, they have (so
>far) declined to fix it in IE7.  I speculate they regard it as critical
>for backward compatibility.
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