Re: mathml with netscape 7.1 and Mozilla Firefox

David Carlisle said:
>> About the absence of DTD, it is a non issue. Without the correct DOCTYPE
>> sniffing, Mozilla will force the quirks mode (non W3C standard) with
>> different behavior for parsing, scripts, and CSS:
> No. Quirks mode is only used for html, and mathml is only usable with an
> xml parser, so it's always handled in strict mode.
> David
> For documents sent as text/html, Mozilla must decide whether to handle
> them in quirks mode or standards mode. (Content sent as text/xml or
> other XML or XHTML MIME types is always handled in strict mode.) C

Ok, but the html type is vital for MSIE and in absence of type just with a
xml PI...

but still using xhtml type, extension and xml PI

All documents must have a DOCTYPE declaration

About that MathML is only usable in X(HT)ML pages, well, next

is a HTML page with html extension, HTML 4.01 Transitional DOCTYPE
declaration is being served as text/html.

Click right in any red equation and see the mathml source code

Juan R.


Received on Wednesday, 30 August 2006 08:21:30 UTC