Some new basic thoughts for MathML 3

Input syntax]

More natural choice for c-MathML is LISP, since the input sintax may be
more closer possible to the XML-representation (the use of TeX or dialects
as Itex in MathML 2 has been one of greatest mistakes when authoring
online docs).

The LISP (plus 2 (times 5 4)) for


appears therefore natural.

Some basic suggestions for an input sintax for p-MathML are contained in
[1]. There are many posibilities, including

[#mo [@attrib value] content]

and variants.

Prefix notation]

Since authors here evangelized the "advantages" of one all-prefix notation
for content markup, I find surprising that MathML 2 uses prefix notation
for 2/3 but infix via <sep/> for rational numbers. Instead

<cn type="rational">12342<sep/>2342342</cn>

would be


or _similar_. This approach may be extended to the other types of MathML
numbers using the <sep/>. Including also the full model proposed here for
decimal separators in reals [2].

The input sintax for the above prefix form could be close to

(rational 12342 2342342)


[1] [].

[2] [].

Juan R.


Received on Tuesday, 8 August 2006 10:56:30 UTC