Re[2]: Options for inclusion of SVG and MathML in OpenReader format?

Dr. Robert Miner wrote:

> I've been looking into the status on the note in preparation on mixing
> MathML and SVG.  It isn't ready to be circulated yet, though your
> inquiries have inspired another flurry of effort, and hopefully we
> will be able to publish it soon.  However, I can give you a short
> version.  
> There are three obvious use cases:
>   MathML island in SVG
>   SVG island in MathML
>   non-hierarchical mixing of both MathML and SVG
> The first two cases lend themselves to the existing extension
> mechanisms on MathML and SVG.  When you have a well-defined,
> self-contained block of MathML that you need to include in SVG
> (e.g. to label a graph with an equation), the foreignObject tag is
> probably the right way to go.  I make no claims that the following
> example is technically correct, but this gives the idea:

Thanks, Robert.

With the help of the MathML and SVG mavens, I am slowly coming up to
speed on the global details of their implementation in OpenReader.

When I first asked how islands (or fragments) of SVG and MathML are
best implemented within XHTML 1.1 documents, I was assuming the simple
case of either a purely SVG fragment, or a purely MathML fragment,
embedded within XHTML. I was not thinking about how SVG may contain
MathML and viceversa (and either hierarchically or mixed), which adds
a lot of complication to matters.

Add to this that fragments of XHTML can also be embedded with SVG (and
I suppose in MathML as well), so things get very interesting.

Thanks again.

Jon Noring

Received on Monday, 9 May 2005 18:51:51 UTC