Re: proposed extenstions to content MathML

Hello All,

Robert wrote:
> Kyle Siegrist, who created the Virtual Laboratories in Probability and
> Statistics web site <>, recently
> suggested the following extensions to me, as good candidates for a
> MathML 3 update.  Prof. Siegrist writes:
>  "Here is what I would love to see added to Content MathML:

>    5. General union, to form the union of Ai over i = a to b, or the
>    union of Ai where i is in an index set I.  This would work just
>    like the sum construction, with a bound variable and with lower and
>    upper limits, or with a bound variable and with a condition.
>    6. Exactly like 5, but with intersection.

>   I am really surprised that items 5 and 6 are not already present;
>   they seem very natural and necessary for lots of areas of math."

Actually, 5 and 6 are there.  As of MathML 2.0 rev. 2, all n-ary 
operators take optional bvar and domainofapplication or condition 
qualifiers, including union and intersection.  These are defined in 
content MathML to encode the union/intersection/... of the elements of 
the domain of application as the bound variable ranges over them.

In other words, just use union or intersection as if they were sum or 
product, and 5 and 6 are there.

The only problem is that not all browsers may be aware of this subtlety.

  -- Andreas

Received on Friday, 6 May 2005 19:48:08 UTC