Re: Semantic information for math representations of physics

JB Collins <> writes:

> Maybe I threw you off at the brief reference to
> TeX/LaTeX.

Wasn't your point that TeX/LaTeX is what many authors now use.
That is my point also.  One needs to provide something close to
that familiar ground.

> . . .
> My comment about linkage to TeX/LaTeX arises from the
> following consideration. I need to provide a mechanism
> to get this documentation from its author to a user.
> TeX/LaTeX is the de facto standard application (some
> would say) for documentation by those who develop,
> author, and publish mathematical models. Given that,
> it  seems to me that semantic level of representation
> of mathematical models needs to begin embedded in a
> LaTeX document even though it may end up on the web in
> XML.

If I understand this correctly, I think that what the author
originally writes ideally should be something that is either
XML or equivalent to XML.  That can be done with LaTeX-like
markup, but actual LaTeX (unless it is written under a tightly
controlled regime) is just not a good domain for translation
to anything other than a printed page.

> Thank you for suggesting gellmu as a tool. Do you have
> a website or preferred reference?

CTAN:/support/gellmu or

                                    -- Bill

Received on Friday, 4 February 2005 17:49:01 UTC