Re: Semantic information for math representations of physics

Le 3 févr. 05, à 14:06, John Fletcher a écrit :
> I would like to join in this discussion as a potential user, at the 
> stage
> of knowing what I want to do and having some design choices.


The bone point with extensibility is extensibility of the related 
Doing it in RDF, for example, raises the need for an amount of tools 
which not, for example, as mature as XML libraries.

How would you handle extensibility for the conversion to and from these 


> I have computer programs which can compute algebraic
> expressions. I want to compute, output and store results.  It would
> be good also to attach metadata e.g. data, time, purpose to the
> computation.
> I idenitified content MathML as providing the basic coding, except
> that I need to go beyond that, as I am working in Clifford Algebra,
> so I need to extend MathML.
> I could extend it in an arbitrary way, or use RDF to define a set of
> extensions.
> As an example of what I am doing
> x{1} + y{2}     is the vector (1,2)
> 1 + {1,2}       is the sum of a scalar and a bivector.
> I need the capability to represent terms {i,j,k....} in a simlar way 
> to a
> complex number or a quaternion.
> I can provide more information

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