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<TD class=Title2><B>Annual attendance at a world class event is an essential component of any well crafted executive development program. Conferences provide the opportunity to network and discuss with peers, acquire advanced understandings and techniques, and discover what's on the horizon in your professional area in a semi-formal environment. They should be carefully chosen to achieve strategic objectives, attended by small groups with agendas, and the lessons learned transmitted throughout your organization upon return.</B><BR><BR>The Conference Recommendations are a quarterly listing of best-in-breed events suitable for advanced professional and organizational development. The current list is always available under <A href=""><FONT color=#003366 size=2>Recommendations</A></FONT> in the <A href=""><FONT color=#003366 size=2>Cientia</FONT></A> archives. If you believe you have received this announcement in error, want further information or wish to unsubscribe, please <A href="" target=_blank><FONT color=#003366 size=2>come here</B></FONT></A>, &nbsp;or <A href=";;subject=CIENTIA Conferences request&amp;body=Thank you for contacting us.  You may also be interested in subscribing to the Executive Development Digest at . Our postal address is Cientia, Ltd.  6581 Nelson Ave.  West Vancouver, BC, Canada. V7W 2A5 "><FONT color=#003366 size=2><B>contact</B></FONT></A> us. </TD></TR>
<P class=BodyText><B>Sep. 28-29, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href=";event=4924">7th. Annual Recruiting &amp; Staffing Summit.</A>&nbsp;International Quality &amp; Productivity Centre (IQPC): Hotel Intercontinental New Orleans, LA.<BR><BR><B>Sep. 29-1, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">4th. Annual Competia International Competitive Intelligence Symposium.</A>&nbsp;Competia: Old Mill Inn,Toronto, ON.<BR><BR><B>Sep. 29-2, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">The Logistics &amp; Supply Chain forum.</A>&nbsp;Richmond Events: Aboard Oriana from Southampton to the Channel Islands or coast of France.<BR><BR><B>Sep. 30-1, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">Corporate Communication and Technology Conference.</A>&nbsp;The Conference Board: InterContinental The Barclay, New York, NY.<BR><BR><B>Oct. 1-7, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">Organization Development Network Annual Conference.</A>&nbsp;OD Network: San Juan, Puerto Rico.<BR><BR><B>Oct. 4, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href=";rtRegion=1&amp;area=1">4th. Human Resources Roundtable.</A>&nbsp;Economist Conferences: The Harold Pratt House, New York, NY.<BR><BR><B>Oct. 4-5, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href=";homepage=true&amp;ID=7">10th.Annual Forbes CEO Forum.</A>&nbsp;Forbes Conferences: The St. Regis Hotel, New York, NY.<BR><BR><B>Oct. 4-5, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href=",5161,665,00.html">Financial Services Forum Europe 2004.</A>&nbsp;Forrester Research: QEII Conference Centre, London, UK.<BR><BR><B>Oct. 4-6, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">Most Powerful Women Summit.</A>&nbsp;Fortune Conferences: St. Regis Monarch Beach Resort and Spa, Dana Point, CA.<BR><BR><B>Oct. 4-6, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href=""> Gartner Customer Relationship Management Summit.</A>&nbsp;Gartner Conferences: The Westin Kierland Resort and Spa, Scottsdale, AZ.<BR><BR><B>Oct. 4-7, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">The Next Generation Leadership Summit.</A>&nbsp;Linkage, Inc.: Hilton in the Walt Disney World Resort, Orlando, FL.<BR><BR><B>Oct. 4-7, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">BPX Summit: Business Process Exchange.</A>&nbsp;Delphi Group: Hotel Del Coronado, San Diego, CA.<BR><BR><B>Oct. 5-8, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">9th. Annual Brand Business Forum.</A>&nbsp;Institute for International Research (IIR) USA: Marriott East Side, NY.<BR><BR><B>Oct. 6, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href=";rtRegion=4&amp;area=1">3rd. Annual Business Process Outsourcing Conference.</A>&nbsp;Economist Conferences: Radisson SAS Portman Hotel, London, UK.<BR><BR><B>Oct. 6-8, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">Infrastructure/Operations Excellence Conference &amp; Technology Showcase 2004.</A>&nbsp;Meta Group: Hyatt Regency, San Francisco, CA.<BR><BR><B>Oct. 6-7, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">Business Ethics Seminar: The New Era of Corporate Ethics and Compliance.</A>&nbsp;The Conference Board: Intercontinental, The Barclay, New York, NY.<BR><BR><B>Oct. 6-8, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">CRM 2004.</A>&nbsp;DCI: Olympia, London, UK.<BR><BR><B>Oct. 6-10, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">Outsourcing Learning Conference: Trends and Strategies.</A>&nbsp;American Society for Training&amp;Development (ASTD): Allerton Crowne Plaza, Chicago, IL.<BR><BR><B>Oct. 7-9, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">International Leadership Summit 2004.</A>&nbsp;New Zealand Institute of Management&amp;Asian Association of Management Organisations: Hyatt Regency, Aukland, NZ.<BR><BR><B>Oct. 11-13, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">European CFO Summit.</A>&nbsp;marcuse evans conferences: The Grand Hotel Huis Ter Duin, Noordwijk aan Zee, NL.<BR><BR><B>Oct. 11-13, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">XXXV IAFEI World Congress: Business Renaissance - Storms Are Not Forever.</A>&nbsp;International Association of Financial Executives Institutes: Florence, Italy.<BR><BR><B>Oct. 12, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href=";rtRegion=4&amp;area=1">CEO Summit.</A>&nbsp;Economist Conferences: Cercle de l'Union Interalliée, Paris, FR.<BR><BR><B>Oct. 12, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">5th. Annual CFO Europe Technology Forum.</A>&nbsp;CFO Europe: Oriental Hotel, London, UK.<BR><BR><B>Oct. 12-13, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">5th. Annual Work-Life &amp; Diversity Conference.</A>&nbsp;The Conference Board&amp;the Confederation of Danish Industries, Copenhagen, Denmark<BR><BR><B>Oct. 12-15, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">Gartner CIO Academy: Where Leaders Learn.</A>&nbsp;Gartner Executive Programs: Dolce Norton Manor, Hampshire, UK.<BR><BR><B>Oct. 14-15, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">2nd. Annual Director's Institute on Corporate Governance.</A>&nbsp;American Management Association (AMA): Crowne Plaza Hotel, New York, NY.<BR><BR><B>Oct. 14-15, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">2004 Human Resources Conference: Connect, Collaborate, Build Human Capacity.</A>&nbsp;The Conference Board Canada:&nbsp;The Westin Prince Toronto, ON.<BR><BR><B>Oct. 17-21 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">11th. Annual Executive Summit, West: Competitive Intelligence 2004.</A>&nbsp;Frost &amp; Sullivan:&nbsp;Rancho Las Palmas Resort &amp; Spa, Rancho Mirage,CA<BR><BR><B>Oct. 17-19, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">CIO Summit.</A>&nbsp;Marcus Evans: Ritz-Carlton, Las Vegas,NV.<BR><BR><B>Oct. 17-19, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">The World Leaders Forum.</A>&nbsp;Linkage, Inc.: Palm Desert, CA.<BR><BR><B>Oct. 17-20, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">Sales &amp; Marketing Leaders Summit.</A>&nbsp;Linkage, Inc.: Marriott Desert Springs Resort and Spa, Palm Desert, CA.<BR><BR><B>Oct. 17-20, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">IABE-2004 Annual Conference.</A>&nbsp;International Academy of Business&amp;Economics: Boardwalk Hotel&amp;Casino, Las Vegas, NV.<BR><BR><B>Oct. 17-20, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">HR Leaders Summit: The Peak of HR.</A>&nbsp;Linkage, Inc.: Marriott Desert Springs Resort and Spa, Palm Desert, CA.<BR><BR><B>Oct. 17-21, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">11th. Annual Executive Summit, West: Structuring Competitive Intelligence for Greater Bottom-Line Impact.</A>&nbsp;Frost &amp; Sullivan Conferences: West Coast Resort, tba.<BR><BR><B>Oct. 17-21, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">7th. Annual Executive Summit, West: Advanced Marketing Research as a Strategic Imperative.</A>&nbsp;Frost &amp; Sullivan Conferences: West Coast Resort, tba.<BR><BR><B>Oct. 17-22, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">The Global Institute for Leadership Development.</A>&nbsp;Linkage, Inc.: Palm Desert, CA.<BR><BR><B>Oct. 17-22, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">Gartner Symposium/ITxpo.</A>&nbsp;Gartner Conferences: Walt Disney World Dolphin, Orlando, FL.<BR><BR><B>Oct. 18-19, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">International Leadership Summit: Leaders in London.</A>&nbsp;The Forum Corporation &amp; The Institute for International Research (IIR): Earls Court Two, London, UK.<BR><BR><B>Oct. 18-20, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">ASTD's ROI Network: Best Practices for Measurement, Evaluation and ROI.</A>&nbsp;American Society for Training and Development: Wyndham Westshore Hotel, Tampa, FL.<BR><BR><B>Oct. 19-21, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">Human Resources Conference: Sustaining Business Growth with a New Kind of Organization.</A>&nbsp;The Conference Board: Waldorf Astoria, New York, NY.<BR><BR><B>Oct. 19-21, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">Successfully Implementing Six Sigma in Service &amp; Transactional Environments Conference.</A>&nbsp;Worldwide Conventions&amp;Business Forums (WCBF): Four Seasons Hotel, Las Vegas, NV.<BR><BR><B>Oct. 24-26, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">Excellence in Finance: Total Working Capital Management.</A>&nbsp;CFO Enterprises: Marriott Long Wharf, Boston, MA.<BR><BR><B>Oct. 25-27, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">Enterprise Risk Management Conference.</A>&nbsp;The Conference Board: Marriott Financial Center Hotel, New York, NY.<BR><BR><B>Oct. 25-27. 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">Succession Management Conference: Imperatives for Building Your Leadership Pipeline.</A>&nbsp;The Conference Board: Waldorf Astoria, New York, NY.<BR><BR><B>Oct. 26-28, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">The Enterprise Architectures Conference.</A>&nbsp;META Group and DCI: Lowes Coronado Bay Resort, San Diego, CA.<BR><BR><B>Oct. 27-28, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href=";event=5654">Strategic Succession And Talent Management.</A>&nbsp;International Quality&amp;Productivity Center (IQPC): The Old Mill, Toronto, ON.<BR><BR><B>Oct. 28-29, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">IIR/SCIP Competitive Technical Intelligence.</A>&nbsp;Institute for International Research (IIR) USA&amp;Society of Competitive intelligence Professionals (SCIP): The Boston Park Plaza Hotel, Boston, MA.<BR><BR><B>Oct. 28-29, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">Sales Management Solutions Conference: New Solutions for Sales Growth.</A>&nbsp;The Conference Board: InterContinental The Barclay New York, NY.<BR><BR><B>Oct. 28-30, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">8th. Annual Emerging Issues in Business and Technology Conference.</A>&nbsp;Western Illinois University: Ocean Creek Resort in Myrtle Beach, SC.<BR><BR><B>Oct. 31-3, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">24th. Annual InternationalConference.</A>&nbsp;Strategic Management Society: San Juan,Pueuto Rico.<BR><BR><B>Oct. 31-4, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">Gartner Symposium/ITxpo.</A>&nbsp;Gartner Conferences: Palais des Festivals, Cannes, FR.<BR><BR><B>Oct. 31–5, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">TDWI World Conference, Fall 2004.</A>&nbsp;The Data Warehousing Institute: JW Marriott Orlando, Orlando, FL.<BR><BR><B>Nov. 1-4, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">4th. IEEE International Conference on Data Mining.</A>&nbsp;Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers( IEEE): IEEE Computer Society: Brighton, UK.<BR><BR><B>Nov. 3-4, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">2004 Asia-Pacific Human Resources Conference.</A>&nbsp;The Conference Board: The Westin, Shanghai.<BR><BR><B>Nov. 3-4, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">Business Intelligence Conference.</A>&nbsp;Brainstorm Group: Crowne Plaza Times Square Manhattan, NY.<BR><BR><B>Nov. 3-4, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">6th. Annual Business Process Management Conference.</A>&nbsp;Meta&amp;Brainstorm Groups: Crowne Plaza Times Square Manhattan, New York, NY.<BR><BR><B>Nov. 4, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">2nd. Annual CEO-CFO Dialogue: Inspiring growth, delivering value.</A>&nbsp;CFO Enterprises: The Metropolitan Club, New York, NY.<BR><BR><B>Nov. 4-5, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href=",5158,684,00.html">Executive Strategy Forum 2004: Accelerating Top-Line Growth.</A>&nbsp;Forrester Research: QEII Conference Centre, London, UK.<BR><BR><B>Nov. 4-5, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">Alliance Management.</A>&nbsp;Institute for International Research (IIR) USA: Estancia La Jolla Hotel and Spa, La Jolla, CA.<BR><BR><B>Nov. 4-7, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">Annual Finance Directors Forum.</A>&nbsp;Richmond Events: Aboard Aurora from Southampton to the Channel Islands or coast of France.<BR><BR><B>Nov. 4-7, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">9th. Annual International Conference.</A>&nbsp; International Coaching Federation: Quebec City, PQ.<BR><BR><B>Nov. 7-9, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">Global Sourcing Summit.</A>&nbsp;Gartner Conferences: Hyatt Regency Coconut Point, Bonita Springs, FL.<BR><BR><B>Nov. 7-9, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">European eLearning Summit.</A>&nbsp;marcuse evans summits: Huis ter Duin, Noordwijk aan Zee, The Netherlands.<BR><BR><B>Nov. 7-9, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">Future Trends.</A>&nbsp;Institute for International Research (IIR) USA: Eden Roc A Renaissance Resort&amp;Spa, Miami Beach, FL.<BR><BR><B>Nov. 7-9, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">9th. CFO Summit.</A>&nbsp;marcuse evans conferences: Marriott's Camelback Inn Resort, Scottsdale, AZ.<BR><BR><B>Nov. 7-11, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">International Academy of Management and Business Conference.</A>&nbsp;&nbsp;International Academy of Management and Business (IMB): The Flamingo Las Vegas, NV.<BR><BR><B>Nov. 8-9, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">Organizational Culture Conference: Inspiring Leaders and Inspired Organizations.</A>&nbsp;Conference Board of Canada: The Fairmont Royal York, Toronto, ON.<BR><BR><B>Nov. 8-9, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">Executive Coaching Teaching Seminar: Learning from Legends.</A>&nbsp;Workshop I: Forbes Five Most Respected Coaches (Nov 8), Workshop II: Coaching—Top to Bottom, Inside and Out (Nov 9). The Conference Board: Marriott Marquis, New York, NY.<BR><BR><B>Nov. 8-10, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">The Summit on Leading the Global Workforce.</A>&nbsp;Linkage, Inc.: Hilton in the Walt Disney World Resort, Orlando, FL.<BR><BR><B>Nov. 8-11, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">8th. Annual Best Maintenance Practices 2004.</A>&nbsp;Institute for International Research (IIR) USA: Embassy Suites Hotel Houston, TX.<BR><BR><B>Nov. 9-11, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">Business Process Management.</A>&nbsp;DCI: The Palace Hotel, San Francisco, CA.<BR><BR><B>Nov. 10-12, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">Corporate Security, Business Continuity &amp; Crisis Management Conference.</A>&nbsp;The Conference Board: The Waldorf Astoria, NY.<BR><BR><B>Nov. 10-12, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">Gartner Symposium/ITxpo.</A>&nbsp;Gartner Conferences: Le Meridian Grand Pacific Hotel, Tokyo, JP.<BR><BR><B>Nov. 15-16, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href=";area=7&amp;preview=&amp;rtRegion=1&amp;fprevrt=">2nd. CIO Agenda: Technology in the service of leadership: Challenges for today’s CIO.</A>&nbsp;Invitation only for senior IT executives from major corporations. Economist Conferences: The Peninsula Hotel, Chicago, IL.<BR><BR><B>Nov. 15-16, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">Innovation and Commercialization Conference: Leading Growth through Innovation.</A>&nbsp;Conference Board of Canada: Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel, Toronto, ON.<BR><BR><B>Nov. 15-17, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">European Enterprise Risk Management Conference and Workshops.</A>&nbsp;The Conference Board: The Landmark Hotel, London, UK.<BR><BR><B>Nov. 15-17, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">Change Management Conference: Embedding Capacity for Successful Change.</A>&nbsp;The Conference Board: Grand Hyatt, New York, NY.<BR><BR><B>Nov. 15-17, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">Women in Leadership Summit.</A>&nbsp;Linkage, Inc.: Hyatt Cambridge Regency, Boston, MA.<BR><BR><B>Nov. 15-17, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">Marketing Conference: New Strategies For a New Breed of CMO.</A>&nbsp;The Conference Board: Waldorf Astoria, NY.<BR><BR><B>Nov. 15-18, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href=";event=5567">Corporate University Week.</A>&nbsp;International Productivity and Quality Centre (IQPC): Disney’s Yacht&amp;Beach Club Resort, Lake Buena Vista, FL.<BR><BR><B>Nov. 16-19, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">Gartner Symposium/ITxpo.</A>&nbsp;Gartner Conferences: Syndey Convention Centre, Sydney, AU.<BR><BR><B>Nov. 17-18, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">Innovative Best Practices in HR: Achieving Organisational Excellence in the Face of Change and Trends.</A>&nbsp;Pacific Conferences: Swissotel Merchant Court, Singapore.<BR><BR><B>Nov. 18-19, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">Innovation Forum.</A>&nbsp;Fortune Conferences: Mandarin Oriental Hotel, New York, NY.<BR><BR><B>Nov. 22-23, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href=",5158,666,00.html">Consumer Forum Europe: Harnessing The Drivers Of Consumer Loyalty.</A>&nbsp;Forrester Research: QEII Conference Centre, London, UK.<BR><BR><B>Nov. 29-30, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">The China Business Summit: Global Investment Strategies and Opportunities for Growth.</A>&nbsp;Dow Jones &amp; Wall Street Journal Conferences, Westin Copley Place, Boston, MA.<BR><BR><B>Nov. 29-30, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">Workplace Education and Learning Conference: Investing in People.</A>&nbsp;Conference Board of Canada: Toronto Marriott Bloor Yorkville Hotel, Toronto, ON.<BR><BR><B>Nov. 30-1, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">Platform Management for Continued Growth.</A>&nbsp;Institute for International Research (IIR) USA: Wyndham Midtown Atlanta, Atlanta, GA.<BR><BR><B>Dec. 1-2, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href=";homepage=true&amp;ID=10">6th. Annual Forbes CIO Forum.</A>&nbsp;Forbes Conferences: The Plaza Hotel, New York, NY.<BR><BR><B>Dec. 1-2, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">Comprehensive Corporate Governance Self-Assessment Program.</A>&nbsp;The Conference Board: The Conference Board Headquarters, New York, NY.<BR><BR><B>Dec. 1-3, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">The Reality of Lean Six Sigma in Manufacturing, Services&amp;Transactional Environments.</A>&nbsp;Worldwide Conventions&amp;Business Forums (WCBF): Dallas, TX.<BR><BR><B>Dec. 1-3, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">Building Collaborations to Change Our Organizations and the World: Systems Thinking in Action.</A>&nbsp; MIT Society for Organizational Learning &amp; Pegasus Communications: Boston, MA.<BR><BR><B>Dec. 2-3, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">International Risk Management Conference: Implementing Enterprise Risk Management.</A>&nbsp;Conference Board of Canada: The Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel, Toronto, ON.<BR><BR><B>Dec. 3, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href=";rtRegion=4&amp;area=1">The Leadership Forum: The World in 2005.</A>&nbsp;Economist Conferences: The Marriott, Grosvenor Square, London, UK.<BR><BR><B>Dec. 5-7, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">CIO Summit.</A>&nbsp;marcuse evans summits: Hyatt Regency, Las Vegas, NV.<BR><BR><B>Dec. 6-7, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">Strategic Project Management Conference: Making Intelligent Business Decisions.</A>&nbsp;Conference Board of Canada: Toronto Marriott Bloor Yorkville, ON.<BR><BR><B>Oct. 6-7, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">The BusinessWeek 50 Forum: Pursuing High Performance.</A>&nbsp;BusinessWeek Conferences: The Harold Pratt House and Peterson Hall, New York, NY.<BR><BR><B>Dec. 6-7, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">European Leadership Forum: Driving Performance &amp; Growth.</A>&nbsp;BusinessWeek Conferences: The Four Seasons Hotel, George V, Paris, FR.<BR><BR><B>Dec. 6-8, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">The Summit on Leading Execution: Strategy, People, Operations.</A>&nbsp;Linkage, Inc.: Crowne Plaza Times Square Manhattan, New York, NY.<BR><BR><B>Dec. 6-8, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">LSP04: Global Logistics Service Providers.</A>&nbsp;Worldwide Business Research: The Doral Golf Resort and Spa, Miami, FL.<BR><BR><B>Dec. 6-8, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">Human Resources Summit 2004.</A>&nbsp;marcuse evans summits: Grand Hotel Huis Ter Duin, Noordwijk aan Zee, The Netherlands.<BR><BR><B>Dec. 7-9, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">7th. Annual Voice of the Customer.</A>&nbsp;Institute for International Research (IIR) USA: Crowne Plaza San Francisco Union Square, San Francisco, CA.<BR><BR><B>Dec. 7-9, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">The Portals, Collaboration and Content Management Conference.</A>&nbsp;DCI: Omni Orlando Resort at Champion's Gate, Orlando, FL.<BR><BR><B>Dec. 15-16, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">Cyber Fraud Summit 2004.</A>&nbsp;Strategic Research Institute: Marriott Eastside Hotel, New York, NY.<BR><BR><B>Jan. 9-14, 2005.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href=""> 6th. Annual Executive Summit Sales &amp; Marketing 2005, West.</A>&nbsp;&nbsp;Frost &amp; Sullian:&nbsp;Doubletree Paradise Valley Resort, Scottsdale, AZ.<BR><BR><B>Jan. 12-14, 2005.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">Return on Marketing Investment 2005: The New Era of Accountable Marketing.</A>&nbsp;Institute for International Research (IIR) USA: JW Marriott, Miami, FL.<BR><BR><B>Jan. 25-26, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href=";topic=241">6th. Annual Six Sigma Summit.</A>&nbsp;International Quality&amp;Productivity Centre (IQPC): Hyatt Regency Miami, FL.<BR><BR><B>Jan. 26-27, 2005.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">Conference Board/Spencer Stuart National Awards in Governance (Jan. 26) and 2005 Corporate Governance Conference (Jan. 27)</A>&nbsp;Conference Board of Canada: Four Seasons Hotel Toronto, ON.<BR><BR><B>Jan. 26-28, 2005.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">The Corporate Image Conference: Innovations in Brand Development and Reputation Management.</A>&nbsp;The Conference Board: Westin New York at Times Square, NY.<BR><BR><B>Jan. 26-28, 2005.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">The Logistics Conference.</A>&nbsp;The Conference Board: Marriott Marina, Fort Lauderdale, FL.<BR><BR><B>Jan. 31-2, 2005.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href=";topic=233">Content Week 2005.</A>&nbsp;International Quality &amp; Productivity Centre (IQPC): Miami, FL.<BR><BR><B>Feb. 1-2, 2005.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href=";homepage=true&amp;ID=29">10th. Annual Forbes CFO Forum.</A>&nbsp;Forbes Conferences: The Plaza Hotel, New York, NY.<BR><BR><B>Feb. 6-8, 2005.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">6th. CRM Summit.</A>&nbsp;marcuse evans summits: La Quinta Resort and Spa, La Quinta, CA.<BR><BR><B>Feb. 6-8, 2005.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">HR Summit 2005.</A>&nbsp;marcuse evans summits: Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay, Cambridge, MD.<BR><BR><B>Feb. 6-10, 2005.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">Leveraging Emerging Technologies for Growth.</A>&nbsp;Frost &amp; Sullivan: West Coast Resort, TBA.<BR><BR><B>Feb. 7-8, 2005.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">Excellence in Finance: Corporate Performance Management.</A>&nbsp;CFO Enterprises: The Plaza Hotel, New York, NY.<BR><BR><B>Feb. 8-10, 2005.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">The Conference on Executive Coaching: Diverse Perspectives — Current Realities and New Frontiers.</A>&nbsp;The Conference Board: The New York Hilton, NY.<BR><BR><B>Feb. 8-10, 2005.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">5th. Annual CRM Summit.</A>&nbsp;Marcuse Evans: HyattRegency Tamaya Resort &amp; Spa, Santa Ana Pueblo,NM.&nbsp;<BR><BR><B>Feb. 8-10, 2005.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="http:/">Corporate Performance Management - What Finance Must Do To Move the Needle.</A>&nbsp;CFO Enterprises: The Plaza Hotel, New York, NY.<BR><BR><B>Feb. 9-11, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">4th. Annual Asset Based Lending and Commercial Finance Conference.</A>&nbsp;Strategic Research Institute: Venetian Hotel, Las Vegas, NV.<BR><BR><B>Feb. 9-12, 2005.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">Emerging Technology Conference.</A>&nbsp; O'Reilly Conferences: The Westin Horton Plaza, San Diego, CA.&nbsp;<BR><BR><B>Feb. 10-13, 2005.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">Gartner CIO Boot Camp.</A>&nbsp;Gartner Inc.: The Hayes Mansion Conference Centre, San Jose, CA.&nbsp;<BR><BR><B>Feb. 10-12, 2005.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">The 2004 Conference on Executive Coaching: Coaching at a Crossroads Between Best Practices and Future Possibilities.</A>&nbsp;The Conference Board: Hilton New York, New York, NY.&nbsp;<BR><BR><B>Feb. 11-12, 2005.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href=";event=4043&amp;document=35541">4th. Annual European Human Capital Exchange.</A>&nbsp;Invitation only to HR Directors of Organizations with over 5000 emloyees. International Quality &amp; Productivity Centre (IQPC): London Heathrow Marriott Hotel, London, UK.&nbsp;<BR><BR><B>Feb. 12-13, 2005.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">6th. Annual CFO European Summit.</A>&nbsp;Economist Conferences and CFO Europe: The Langham Hilton, London.&nbsp;<BR><BR><B>Feb. 15-20, 2005.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href=""> Annual TDWI World Conference: Business Intelligence Strategies - Creating an Event-Driven Organization.</A>&nbsp; The Datawarehousing Institute: Bally's Las Vegas, NV.&nbsp;<BR><BR><B>Feb. 16-18, 2005.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">Leadership Conference on Global Corporate Citizenship: Managing Strategically for Worldwide Results.</A>&nbsp;The Conference Board: The Waldorf Astoria, NY.<BR><BR><B>Feb. 20-22, 2005.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">10th. Global Supply Summit.</A>&nbsp;marcuse evans summits: La Quinta Resort&amp;Club, La Quinta, CA.<BR><BR><B>Feb. 22-23, 2005.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">Government Human Resources Conference: Making HR a Strategic Partner through Effective Talent Management.</A>&nbsp;Conference Board of Canada:The Westin Ottawa, Ottawa, ON.<BR><BR><B>Feb. 22-24, 2005.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">Customer Experience Management Conference: Using the Customer Experience to Create Value.</A>&nbsp;The Conference Board: Intercontinental Barclay Hotel, NY.<BR><BR><B>Feb. 22-24, 2005.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">HR Summit.</A>&nbsp;Marcus Evans: Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay Golf Resort, Cambridge, MA.&nbsp;<BR><BR><B>Feb. 24-25, 2005.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href=";event=4110">Best Practices in Succession Planning and Talent Management.</A>&nbsp;International Quality &amp; Productivity Centre (IQPC): Las Vegas, NV.<BR><BR><B>Feb. 24-25, 2005.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href=";event=4240&amp;document=36984">Business Process Management Congress.</A>&nbsp;International Quality and Productivity Centre (IQPC)Canada: The Old Mill, Toronto,ON<BR><BR><B>Feb. 25-25, 2004.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">ASTD's ROI Network: Best Practices for Measurement, Evaluation and ROI.</A>&nbsp; American Society for Training and Development: Irvine Marriott at John Wayne Airport, Irvine, CA.<BR><BR><B>Feb. 25-26, 2005.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">9th. Annual Strategic and Operational Portfolio Management.</A>&nbsp;Institute for International Research (IIR): Hyatt Regency Pier 66, Fort Lauderdale, FL.<BR><BR><B>Feb. 25-27, 2005.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">The 2004 Strategic E-HR Conference.</A>&nbsp; The Conference Board: The Ritz-Carlton Marina Del Rey, CA.<BR><BR><B>Feb. 25-27, 2005.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">Linkage Strategies for Integrating Customer Feedback.</A>&nbsp;Institute for International Research (IIR): Wyndham Grand Bay Coconut Grove, Miami, FL.<BR><BR><B>Feb. 25-27, 2005.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">10th. Annual Strategic and Operational Portfolio Management.</A>&nbsp;Institute for International Research (IIR): InterContinental Miami Hotel, Miami, FL.<BR><BR><B>Feb. 27-4, 2005.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">TDWI World Conference, Winter 2005.</A>&nbsp;The Data Warehousing Institute: The Venetian, Las Vegas, NV.<BR><BR><B>Mar. 3-4, 2005.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href=""> Strategic E-HR Conference: Using Technology to Add Value Throughout the Organization.</A>&nbsp;The Conference Board: The Ritz-Carlton Marina del Rey, CA.<BR><BR><B>Mar. 13-16, 2005.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">12th. Annual CFO Rising Conference &amp; Expo.</A>&nbsp;CFO Enterprises: The Rosen Centre Hotel, Orlando, FL.<BR><BR><B>Mar. 14-16, 2005.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href=""> Talent Management Conference: Managing Your Talent Portfolio for Maximum Return.</A>&nbsp;The Conference Board: Grand Hyatt, NY.<BR><BR><B>Mar. 14-17, 2005.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">The O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference.</A>&nbsp;O'Reilly Conferences: Westin Horton Plaza,San Diego, CA.<BR><BR><B>Mar. 15-16, 2005.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">Women's Leadership Conference: The Human Capital Imperative.</A>&nbsp;The Conference Board: New York Hilton, NY.<BR><BR><B>Apr. 4-5, 2005.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href=";homepage=true&amp;ID=30">7th. Annual Forbes Executive Women’s Forum.</A>&nbsp;Forbes Conferences: The Plaza Hotel, New York, NY.<BR><BR><B>Apr. 17-19, 2005.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">INFORMS Conference on OR/MS Practice: Applying Science to the Art of Business.</A>&nbsp;Institute for Operations Research and Management Sciences (INFORMS): Palm Springs, CA.<BR><BR><B>Apr. 27-29, 2005.</B>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="">37th. Global Human Resource Conference.</A>&nbsp;Management Centre Europe (MCE): Hotel Capsis Sofitel, Rhodes, Greece.<BR><BR>All links and information are freely available through public sources and search engines. Cientia is a selective directory, considered public domain and may be used at your discretion. </P></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE><!-- Start of StatCounter Code -->
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