Re: How Do I Render Unicode Math Symbols in a Web Browser?

> My alternative is to use bitmaps but that has several drawbacks.

You could of course use MathML, which doesn't entirely free you from
worrying about installed fonts but does provide a more robust way to
access mathematical typographic requirements. Although simple cases
you may be able to get by with just accessing the foints and using
textual markup using mathml rendering, which is built in to
mozilla/netscape and freely available as a a behaviour extension for IE
(MathPlayer from Design Science). You could then access Z as
<mi mathvariant="double-struck">Z</mi>

> Are there any fonts available to render this and other math symbols 
> defined in Unicode? Here's the list of symbols I'm looking for:Many do get 
> rendered in at least Mozilla, but not all. Can I specify some fonts so 
> that all symbols get rendered in both browsers?

the TeX, Wolfram, and Design Science Math fonts are all usable by
mozilla's MathML renderer, see
Note that these fonts are not naturally unicode encoded so you have to
use mathml markup to access them and mozilla's mathml engine maintains
tables that map the unicode slots to font positions for these specific
"known" math fonts.


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